ECO City Nigeria – Africa

Joint venture

We are looking for a business partner to invest in the startup of the ECO City project in Nigeria, Africa.

Eco-City, Agricultural & Industrial Settlement Project

We want to start up a project for the development of an off-grid city, an integrated farm and hybrid power generating plants employing renewable fuels.

The city, built entirely with environmentally friendly Off-Site Manufactured houses and replete with all the facilities and infrastructure for its functionality, will offer affordable rental accommodation for living and working. The farm, apart from crop production will be complimented with a number of agric processing value addition plants with resultant food/commodities sold both locally and internationally. Electricity from power plants applying purely renewable sources of fuel such as the sun and waste (produced in the city and farm) will be liquidated on the national electricity grid.

The overall essence of the project is: While the city provides affordable rental accommodation for living and working on the one hand, the integrated farm and mix of renewable energy sourced electricity assets on the other hand, provide work and new skill development opportunities for community development. In a nutshell, all the project parts work in concert to create wealth, improve living standards and contribute to the economic wellness of the local population.

As much as feasible, we intend to develop this project close to a city already existing and suffering from the triple challenge of over-crowding, under or unemployment and poor quality housing. To motivate people to take up residence in our city and possibly explore new economic opportunities within its boundaries if they so select, transportation using Electric Vehicles will be instituted to make easy the movement of man and materials within the new development and between it and old city.

This project will cost around $300 Million to implement and provide direct full time employment for 60 persons minimum. Annum gross income could surpass $15Million derivable from at least 15 lines of revenue. We can start up project execution with the acquisition of raw land which will suffice for the entire project, section and sub-divide same accordingly, and progress to implement the city part of the proposition with the installation of 200 houses and related infrastructure. To start at this level will cost around $30Million.








  • 1. EcoCasita Residence
  • 2. Ecolux Patio Residence 3 Floating EcoCasita
  • 4. Floating Hime
  • 5. Ecolux Water Purification Plant


  • 6. Hospital
  • 7. E-House Residence
  • 8. Residential Building 4 Storeys
  • 9. Municipal/Commercial Building
  • 10. Residential/Commercial Building 8 Storeys


  • 11. Ecolux Event Centre
  • 12. Residential/Commercial Building 6 Storeys 13 School

14 Sports Complex