Hotels & Resorts project worldwide

Joint Venture

We are looking for a business partner to startup a business in hotels and resorts.



Bridge Funding Strategy For : USD 10 Million (for a time period of 1 yr only)


Founder & Promoter of Company : Mr.Arjun Prakashh , aged 49 yrs. , with 34 yrs of international business exposure . Belonging to an established & reputable Industrial Family from New Delhi (India) , over 150 years old . Previous business of about USD 1.60 Billion in 24 years in exports & International Trading with 45 countries in Commodities & Designer Womens Ethnic and Indo-Western Apparels.


Details of Company : Newly formed Company in Singapore over last 2 years . Also have associate Offices in USA , India , Hong Kong  , Switzerland , Cyprus and B.V.I. . Will be opening other offices shortly in London and Dubai .


Vision of Company: To set up a chain of Boutique Hotels , 5 Star Hotels , Luxury Resorts and Casinos-cum-Hotels in about 75 top tourist friendly destinations worldwide . Entirely M&A structured deals , wherein 100% running and profitable Hotels ,  with excellent locations , and lucrative sales , would be acquired 100% by us , with an International Hotel Management Contract in place with the leading Brands of the world ,  for world class professional management of each such Hotel & Resort Property .


Our Global Hotel & Resort Consultants: Our Company is being backed 100% by HVS Global  , thru their worldwide officers , who are the finest and largest Hotel & Resort Consultants in the world , with over 45 offices worldwide , and over 40 years of global exposure and indepth knowledge of the global hospitality industry . Their respective teams in India (handling entire Asia Pacific Region) , Florida , New York , Bahamas , California ,  Singapore ,Hong Kong , London , Switzerland , Bali , Japan and China ,  have located  several confidential Hotel Property Options for us . We are under a long term Strategic Advisory Contract with HVS for this global project for site evaluations , M&A structuring , Acquisitions , Strategic Advisory , Project Reports , Entire Detailed Financials , Hotel Management Brands and respective Contracts with us globally .



Requirement of Bridge Funding : We are targeting an initial Bridge Funding of USD 10 Million immediately ,  from any committed and serious JV Partner / Investor with us for this Global Venture , with a vision of over  USD 50 Billion in the coming 25 years ahead of us . We are willing to give off 20% equity of  our Singapore Company to the Investor , no interference in the professional management of our Company , Silent Partnership , and the Investor gets to enjoy global growth in our ventures for lifetime , as one of the Owners of all Hotels and Resorts operational worldwide . His shares can be sold back to us anytime after initial 5 years , at the current market value against cash payment from our Company to him .



Srii Paradiise International Hotels And Resorts Pte Ltd

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Generation of Larger Capital: Our Company shall be utilising the aforesaid funds judiciously and prudently , to generate the next level of FUNDS within a time span of just 3 to 4  months , and ranging from 55 to 70 Million , thru specific structured financial transactions , . Further within the next 3 to 4 months period , we would also generate additional capital of approx USD 125 to 150 million thru another set of structured financial transactions  , after which there is no looking back. The larger funds so generated by us would be our NET PROFIT / RETURNS from these specific transactions , after which we can place the funds on TRADE , directly with our TRADERS , known to us for over 2 decades . 100% genuine , concrete and with a performance track record of over 45 years in the global markets .



World Class Banking With us  : Our Company is  banking globally with :

Deutsche Bank – Europe (we are already a HNI Client with them for last 15 years in India)

Maybank LTd.

UOB Bank Ltd.



Kotak Mahindra Bank

DBS Bank

CIM Bank

Credit Suisse Bank

Wells Fargo

Bank Of Cyprus



Some Other Top Companies Connected with us :We would also be managing the entire global projects on world class and  most professional standards ,  with no compromise on quality of brands and manpower . Some other prestigious and well known Companies affiliated and connected with us here , in all our Global Ventures would be :



Accenture Consulting

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Jones Lang Lasalle

Ernst & Young

HVS Global

Starwood Group

Accor Hotels



Hyatt & Grand Hyatt Groups



Shangrila Hotels

Park Hotels








Srii Paradiise International Hotels And Resorts Pte Ltd

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Financial Projections , Using USD 10 Million – In USD Millions (Till Dec 2018)

PARTICULARS                        2018-19


Initial Funding / Investment           10.00


Revenue Generation 90 days         55.00


Next lot of revenue 120 days        125.00


Total Funds in Hand (8 months)   180.00


Working Capital , Intl Travel,

Boarding, Admin and Banking

& Legal Expenses over 8 months  12.00


1st Movie Production start off

in our own Studios in Hollywood    18.00


Net Revenue after returning

Initial Investment USD 10M        140.00                                                        


EBITDA                                     140.00                                 


Taxation Payments                      20.00


Net Profit After Interest            120.00         




Financial Projections , Using USD 134 Million – In USD Millions (Till Dec 2019)

PARTICULARS                        2019-00


Initial Funds in hand                   120.00


Revenue Generation in next

10 months                               1350.00


3 Hotel Acquisitions                      500.00


Working Capital , Intl Travel,

Boarding, Admin , Legal & Bank

Expenses over 12 months               5.00


Net Approx.Revenue in hand

By dec 2019                                845.00                                                         


EBITDA                                   845.00                       


Taxation Payments                  102.00


Net Profit After Interest            743.00